After falling in love with the craftsmanship, Elina has worked as a Tattoo Artist since 2012

When she was just six years old, her grandmother showed her how to paint with watercolors. It was at this moment her passion for art was awoken and she’s been creating ever since. This yearning for creativity eventually led to her start within tattooing. After having worked in the tattoo industry for a few years she was craving a new challenge. So she took over the renowned tattoo studio Porky Royale working alongside many talented local and international artists. After a succesful 3 year run she once again wanted a change in pace and is now working at Sigil Ink & Clothing.


Previous Work

iris sketch


Mel who was traveling through Sweden contacted me after seeing my work. All she knew was that she wanted a colorful iris flower on her back but was very open with the design itself.

I started by researching about the flower and doing different sketches to replicate how the flower usually looks.
After that I started injecting my own style into the design. In this case by doing the edges sharper and doing the flower in a more minimalistic style.
After that I decided to put in a contrasting background, the circles give the picture a feeling of movement and a contrast to the sharp edges.

(photo taken by: Travis Maynard)

Latest Work


Don’t hesitate to get in touch

You can find Elina at Sigil Ink & Clothing at Trädgårdstvärgränd 2, weekdays between 12:00 and 18:00. She loves working with various styles and if you can name it, she’s probably tried it but she definitely has a soft spot for neotraditional and cubism.

For bigger projects she prefers to start with a consultation together with the client to discuss and create a bespoke design. The piece is done exclusively for the client and Elina brings her wealth of knowledge both as an artist and as a tattooer, understanding what will work well as a tattoo as well as helping turn the clients idea into reality.

As a member of SRT (Swedish Registred Tattooartists) she has the necessary knowledge to make a safe tattoo in a hygenic environment.

You can contact her thru this sites contact form or with email: elina.ojakangas@gmail.com